Fusion Fitness: The Hot New Trend

Designer fitness studios are into "Fusion Fitness"

Have you tried any of these  New Fusion Classes at your  studio or health club lately?
It seems clubs are mixing it up to get quicker results and keep muscles stimulated by fusing classes together that you would normally take individually.

You may all heard of Yoga and Pilates fused together (Yogilates),  fitness enthusiast everywhere have been fusing these two classes together for quite some time. But have you heard of these hot new fusion classes?

Pilates with Boxing (Piloxing)
VolleyBall with high intensity reps training (Volleybody)
Ballet with interval training (Barrecore)

"Fusion classes are hugely popular because they make the most of your time at the gym," says Pat Soley, group exercise director at The Sports Club/LA in Los Angeles. The fresh mix-ups not only challenge your muscles in new ways, ramping up your calorie burn, but also keep you motivated by spicing up been-there-done-that routines.

Even if your gym doesn't offer these combos, you can still multitask your way to a leaner body and happier mind on your own by mixing up the combo class you will enjoy to get that fit  Hip Appeal. 

Pssst. It is also a great opportunity to wear your Fitness Fanny Pack .. *wink *wink

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