Fanny Packs vs Arm Bands

Hip Appeal “Fanny Pack” is gaining ground over  Runners "Arm Bands"

Having your phone with you on a run brings you lots of awesome insights and motivation (hello, the motivating music is what keeps you going) but it does require some planning to make sure it doesn’t slow you down or become a burden on your run.  So, the million dollar question is where to put the phone (Fanny Pack vs Arm Bands).

Hip Appeal is a good solution for women who don't want to accentuate  their arm fat with a skin-tight Arm Band.  The "Fitness Fanny Pack" has 3  different pockets for your phone. You can zip your phone up in the back pocket, use the phone seam pocket in the front (where you will be able to see the top of your phone) or zip it up in the front zipper pocket as well.

Runners "Armbands" are good for some but not for others. More and more women are switching it up and using Hip Appeal "fanny packs"  over their Armbands they would typically use."I feel unbalanced when I wear an armband and it is only stays put if it's tight on my skin,  I can't wear it over clothes.

Before buying a certain armband,  you need to be aware - make certain it is compatible with a specific phone manufacturer. Armbands are designed in different sizes to accommodate a variety of phones, while the Hip Appeal "fanny pack" fits all phones and will also carry your ID, credit card, cash and keys at the same time.

The fitness phone solution will continue evolve since the phones now-a-days are actually getting bigger and not smaller. Luckily for Hip Appeal the seam pocket for the phone already fits the larger size phones. Hip Appeal - let us know what you think. 

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