Custom Wraps

Custom Wraps - a new hip way to promote your brand.

More and more of Hip Appeal's business now-a-days  is "custom" hip wraps. We love helping small businesses looking for a new, different and fun ways to help get their brand out there.

Our clients realize their customers don't hang on to a boring business card.  Many of our clients are telling us they have already spent money on the promotional t-shirt or hat "really who wears that more than one time anyway"  idea, wasting marketing dollars.   The feedback we are getting from our "custom hip wraps" is that they are loving our promotional branding product because it will be used again and again continuing to market their company over and over.

Hip Appeal offers a wide selection of colors, sizes and styles for most every market/ brand out there.  The functionality of the product can be used for everyday activities. Companies are finding more and more  unique way to market their brand, this unique  storage hip wrap fanny pack made with yoga-style fabric fits right in with a new and cool way to get the word out.

Your company logo on a Hip Appeal  helps promote your business, provides branding apparel for your staff, and shows off your company.   Each wrap comes with a zipper pocket in the front, zipper pocket in the rear, as well as a phone seam pocket to hold large cell phones. It is so exciting when one of our clients sees their brand out there on someone walking their dog, or shopping. Show off your company and "Secure your assets" phone, keys, cash, credit cards, i-pod and ID on the go while at the same time promoting your brand.


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