Bye Bye Jeans, Hello Yoga Pants!

Yoga Pants or Skinny Jeans?

Levi's CEO says the company is scrambling to create a soft, stretchy jean to compete with stores like Lululemon.  Workout wear is on it's way to pass jeans in sales!

Yoga pants are becoming more and more acceptable to wear as part of your outfit instead of jeans. Hip Appeal is loving the news coverage this morning "Yoga Pants vs Skinny Jeans" because either way we WIN. Hip Appeal looks great over both your yoga pants and your skinny jeans.

Californians have been sporting their exercise wear outside of exercising for all of their daily needs through out the day for a long time. Running errands, movies, shopping, lunch with girlfriends, you name it you are sporting your yoga pants. Its looks like this fad it is actually going global and Hip Appeal with our Lululemon stretch fabric Fanny Packs is along for the ride.

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