Carlsbad firefighters save Hip Appeal

Hip Appeal has 9 Lives!

Hip Appeal went through a real scare last month when we were evacuated from out business and homes. For 3 days we were glued to the news to find out if we still had a business. "Carlsbad the home of Hip Appeal was on fire!

"The first fire broke out near the Hip Appeal building, then 8 additional fires broke out within the surrounding area of Carlsbad the very same day. We were surrounded by fires near our homes and our business."

Turns out the Carlsbad firefighters were Rock Stars! Amazingly they coordinated impressive efforts quickly to save homes and businesses in our home town and surrounding area's. For 3 days we had planes and helicopters doing water drops all around us.

When the smoke cleared  our homes and Hip Appeal, Inc. were still standing, neighboring homes and businesses were not as lucky.

Hip Appeal would like to thank the Carlsbad Police and Fire Department for saving our business and home. The community of Carlsbad really came together to help each other in this time of crisis. Hip Appeal is very honored and proud to call the community of Carlsbad home.

"The so-called Poinsettia Fire broke out for unknown reasons shortly after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday near Poinsettia L

ane and Alicante Road, just east of El Camino Real. Winds quickly pushed the flames about 400 acres and west toward neighborhoods and some high-tech businesses."

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