Hip Appeal's Weekend Warriors

There is no rest for the Weekend Warriors!

Hip Appeal's manufacturing team getting it done on the weekend. "We are determined to meet deadlines with our custom orders at this company." We are all about Quality, Value  &  Customer Service. We are gearing our team up for these larger orders, like the SGK wraps you see here getting shipped out today. Getting inventory up for the big retailers and shopping network debuts takes a lot of quality control on the manufacturing side of the business. Thankfully we can drive right down to the warehouse in San Diego and see what's really going on. The last thing you need to happen to your businesses reputation is to have 5000 units delivered to your customer  that are not the quality you advertise, because you never inspected your product. Let alone that could put our small business -out of business."We have watched the market and have learned from others mistakes. Hip Appeal is determined to have good Quality Control on manufacturing."

Hip Appeal is also adding an additional size to the Hip Wrap Fanny Pack. We are soon to offer XS 0-6, SM 6-12, L 14-20, XL 22-28. Our sizing chart and inventory will be added to the website updates soon. As our business is growing, so is our need for more local manufacturing facilities. We are inspecting and researching all available options to produce more inventory in the Southern California and surrounding areas. We will keep you posted Hipsters!




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