Baby Mama's Dream

Mothers are thanking Hip Appeal for this Baby Mama solution.

"I love that Hip Appeal is so stretchy but holds is shape". Several newborn Moms have sent in reviews regarding their journeys with losing their baby weight.
See for yourself what Baby Mama's saying?

"I bought a wrap size S/M and i was determined to get into it 3 months after the baby. Turns out i was able to fit into that size, not because i had lost the 25 pounds at 3 months but because the wrap stretched to a size 10 with no problem. I am now thrilled to be back to my size 6 where my wrap still fits great and has not stretched out or lost it's shape at all. I thank God that i haven't lost my shape too. Thank you Hip Appeal!"

We love hearing this feedback. Thank you Baby Mama's.

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