Slimming Hip Wrap Fanny Pack

Slimming Hip Wrap Fanny Pack

Hip Appeal introduces the Fitness Fanny Pack

Arm bands for your phones are bulky and bounce around way too much! Are you tired of cutting off your circulation by strapping them on so tight to keep them from bouncing and turning around on your arm? Lets face it stuffing your bra with your phones looks horrible and is uncomfortable too.

Fitness "Fanny Pack" Hip Wraps-Why not try something that is fashionable, sexy and has a utility purpose as well? The answer to our running/walking/hiking woes. No more sweaty phones! Slide a phone into the phone pocket, money and keys into the front zipper pocket and ID in the back zipper pocket, then you are on your way hands free.

Perfect for pulling up on over yoga pants and shorts. Also, great over jeans and skirts for walking the dog or getting groceries without having to worry about your purse being left in the cart or the car.
 To Fanny Pack or Not To Fanny Pack? Do you dare to wear your old style fanny pack or be sexy in your new one? Women prefer to have something that makes them look slimming and not old fashion. With 3 pockets that hold your phone "every which way -but loose" you're assets are definitely secured.

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