"California Cool" with Hip Appeal

Hip Appeal is that California Cool! 

Californian's have been setting some serious fashion trends in the last several years. From Coachella "bohemian chic" to the California "yoga style" outfits seen on women everywhere. You don't need to be going to Coachella or actually  doing yoga to be wearing these cool, hip fashions. Just wearing them means you are into the "California Cool" lifestyle.

Hip Appeal is a hot new California based company that embodies that carefree lifestyle in their hip brand of products. We design hip, savvy solutions with this type  female in mind. The female who wants to have health, freedom, security and most of all wants to have fun!

We are seeing more and more women everywhere, for every occasion enjoying "hands free" living with our hip wrap fanny packs. "Young girls are wearing them to school while women are wearing them for a night out on the town. Travelers are wearing the wraps on their entire vacation!"  It's nice to see Californian's setting some cool trends and we are happy to be providing a solution to women everywhere who want that freedom on any occasion.

Hip Appeal

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