Quality Standards of Hip Appeal

Our quality standards are high, very high!

Our aim is to create a functional "waist band pocket solution" that's perfectly suited for everyday activity. We have designed the Hip Appeal hip wrap fanny packs around high quality standards to withstand 5 years of intended use.  When used for walking, hiking, running it will keep it's shape and functionality 5 years from now.

We are committed to using only high quality fabrics designed for stretch, flexibility and comfort. Like yoga giant LuluLemon, Hip Appeal uses the same fabrics with Sliverescent™ powered by X-STATIC®.  This unique fabric prevents the growth of these odor-causing bacteria also prevents a biofilm from forming so your Silverescent® gear is in it for the long haul (seriously, these silver fibres will continue to fight bacteria for the life of the garment).

100% Made In The USA, we stand behind our products with a guarantee that our fabrics will not stretch out, bleed or fade.  The top quality zippers used will stand the test of time. We stand behind our brand with 100% money back guarantee.

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