Hip Appeal Review: My Success Story

Talk about a Hip Appeal Review!

We have been fortunate enough to have customers who love sharing all their idea's and feedback about our product to us through online reviews. We have met so many of these great woman at trade shows and at public events who share their stories personally to us. We love hearing it all and we are so thrilled to be getting the feedback.

"Hip Appeal saved my lost grand daughters. I gifted my daughter and grand daughter each a hip wrap right before our Grand Canyon birthday trip. When hiking to the bottom we lost track of my grand daughter with so many people around. We thought she went to the restroom but could not find her anywhere. We remembered she was wearing her new wrap and had just received her first phone for her birthday which her mother and i didn't want her to bring on the hike. Thank God she did and thank God she was wearing the new Fanny Pack I got her because we we able to call and find her walking with the wrong group in the wrong direction looking for us. Thank you Hip Appeal".

Out of over 100 reviews on our Hip Wrap Fanny Packs this year there is one in particular that really pulls at my heart strings, one that i will never forget. Donna P. who was one of our first customers at our very first trade show back in Las Vegas in July 2013 called me 2 weeks after purchasing 3 wraps from our Hip Appeal booth. She wanted to become a Las Vegas affiliate so i was getting ready to set her up to sell when she came back from her Grand Canyon trip with her daughter and 10 year old grand daughter.

Needless to say Donna is one of our best distributors and you can see why. Thank you Donna for all the hard work you do for Hip Appeal.

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