iPhone 6 Fitness Fanny Pack

Hip Appeal is the iPhone 6 Fitness Fanny Pack you've been looking for!

The newest version of Hip Appeals  hip wrap fitness fanny packs are made to fit larger phones like the new iPhone 6, the Note 4 and phones alike. We have increased the pocket-size by a few inches on each pocket (the pocket  in the rear and the front pocket). The newer larger pouch pocket design is sleeker and holds more of your valuables. We have the newer versions on the website  NOW, they come in the Carbon/ Black zipper  and the Black/ carbon  Black/ Purple, Black/ Pink at $25.99. www.hipappeal.com

If you are one of the lucky ones today to get your iPhone 6, The Hip Appeal iPhone 6 Fitness Fanny Pack has you covered to keep that new phone safe and secure while on the go.

Don't forget about the phone sleeve too. This holds your phone upright if you need to access it fast when it rings. Otherwise you can tuck it in and lay it sideways for more safe-keeping or zip it up in the back zippered pocket.

We designed this new Hip Wrap- iPhone Fitness Fanny Pack to keep up with the even larger phones soon to come out later this year. Check out over 35 different color combinations to choose from www.hipappeal.com

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