Hip Appeal Fan Mail : To Zip or not to Zip?

Hip Appeal Fan Mail 

Q: Why not put a zipper on the side to zip on Hip Appeal?

A: We did make our DEMO WRAPS this way and found zippers on the side to zip on the wraps were uncomfortable, they don't bend with your natural body movements and can break too easily.

Hip Appeal found that keeping all zippers on the wrap around 5 to 5.5 inches and just making the pocket opening expand, the pocket size bigger (as seen in picture) makes a better quality product.

As you can see the back rear pocket extends to fit the large Note 3 phone. There is an additional inch to an inch 1/2 on each side to spare. The Hip Appeal hip wraps that pull up on to the body have a better aesthetic look without a big bulky zipper on the side.

Pulling the fanny packs on eliminates the problems we had with the DEMO zip on wraps.  Zipping up the sides to put the wrap on causes a hard peak you can not eliminate. This peak is where the zipper connects, we found this digging into our skin while in use. We also found the trouble of struggling to zip up the wrap sides without snagging your clothes was the biggest reason we decided not to do Zip up style to our Hip Appeal Hip Wrap Fanny Packs.

We welcome your input and feedback on this topic or any other questions you may have for our Brand.

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