Your Pet's Christmas


If you are a pet owner, surely you want your pet to feel extra special around the Holidays. Recently I participated in a survey  where we were asked to "how much do we spend on our pets during the Holidays". And it turns out that most pet owners 75% spend some cash on their critters for the Holidays.

If you are a pet parent you may be the type that needs to be able to see and feel the gifts you buy for your pet. You may want to make sure of the quality of the product in person vs online where you can’t touch or feel your pet’s gift. I got my cat Zoe a new cushy cat bed and wanted to make sure it was a quality "Made in the USA" product. I wanted to touch and feel it before I purchased something for my furry friend.

I also shop online to take advantage of the Holiday discounts and Free Shipping. I always remember to shop early in case it's not what I expected; I can return it (usually with no shipping charges) in time to find another gift before the Holiday.

Owning a pet can be expensive. I typically set a budget for the year which includes pet insurance and vet care expenses. I consider the proper pet care as a gift too.  

And lastly I usually purchase something for myself as a reward for being a good pet owner. Last year I ordered a t-shirt with a cute picture of my pet imprinted on the front of the shirt. Hip Appeal is a gift for yourself that benefits you and your furry friend. Wearing a hip wrap fanny pack on long walks with your dog you’ll have the benefit of carrying your pet treats, dogie bags along with your phone, keys, ID and cash on your strolls without being weighed down or hassling with a purse / bag to carry.         

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