Fanny Packs: From Tacky to Trendy

Stylish Fanny packs are making lot of heads turn this season!

This year has seen an increase in the sales of fanny packs all over the world....a lot of youngsters are experimenting with fanny packs to make a style statement. And why not? Once regarded as a dull accessory of tourists and nerds, Fanny packs have gone in for a tremendous makeover over the years.

We all know that hip wraps are very comfortable and convenient, whether you are a tourist, whether you are going to the gym, movies and music festivals or for shopping. You don’t have to worry about losing it and you can keep your hands free at all times. Even simple activities like going to a yoga class or talking your pet for a walk is hugely benefitted with a fanny pack.

So why did Fanny Pack lose its appeal? Well these bags earned a bad reputation due to the limited choice of styles and sizes they were available in. And also because people didn’t know how to wear them right, think of grandpas in shorts and t-shirts wearing a fanny pack.

But today manufacturers have modernized them; Fanny packs are today available in various materials, in huge selection of colours and sizes. So when bags are convenient and stylish why wouldn’t we buy one eh??!!

Another reason why we love them today is because cool celebs are sporting them. Our favourite stars like Jared Leto, Rachel Zoe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie, and Mathew McConaughey are some of the celebrities who have popularised this belt bag. The modern day fannies have been embraced by the celebs because of their structured styles, stunning finishes, and sleek hardware

This year Fanny Packs have been a great hit at the Coachella Music Festival. No one ever wants a fanny pack more in their life than at a festival since it is so much convenient and easier than to carry a purse and way more effective for not losing your valuable belongings.

If you are keen on purchasing a stylish Fannies, browse through our Hip Appeal Wraps collection. We have a wide range of stylish fanny packs for sale. Our collection features chic designs and bold colours to match and complement your apparels. Our lightweight wraps are a great alternative to bulky purses or wallets.

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