Why Women's Running Shoes are Different then Mens

Why do Women’s running shoes need to be different from Men’s running shoes?


There are a few, noteworthy differences between Men's and Women's running shoes. Hip Appeal a leader in women's running waist packs examined some of the most important solutions running companies are implementing now-a-days to address these differences.

Women’s Body Mass is Lower than Men’s.

Statistically, women have approximately 15% less body mass than men with the same foot size. This means that when designers calculate how much bouncy the foam material in the midsole (for example) needs to be, they have to take into account the fact that for the same shoe size, the women’s version should be lower and/or softer, as it would have to sustain 15% less of the impact.

Women  have Different Shaped Feet.

Men have longer and broader feet than women of their physique. This should be considered when designing sports shoes for women. Studies show that women’s feet also have much different shape feet as well. Women’s differences can be found in the first toe, the arch, the sides and the ball of the feet.

Q Angle on Male vs Female Runners

Women have usually larger hips than men do. This means the Q-Angle is wider. The Q-Angle is the angle of incidence of the quadriceps muscle relative to the patella. As a significance of the wider angle, women tend to pronate more than men. For this reason it is very important that while manufacturing a women’s running shoe, the designers and developers take this into concern and work on addressing this by having a different soles on the women’s version, a combination of shapes and materials that can offer women the extra support they need.

The time a shoe lasts is determined by the shape around which the upper of the shoe is constructed. There are distinctions of each brand and are very crucial to the final fit of the shoe around the foot.  In our next "Running" segment we will bring you the top best women’s running shoe’s recommendations.


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