The Best Fitness Phone Apps

We tested 100 Fitness Phone Apps to find the best of the best.

Ok, so now you have all your cool Fitness Gear: your awesome new tennis shoes, cool matching sports bra/ yoga pants combo, your brand new iPhone, Note or Galaxy and your Hip Appeal; the latest and greatest way to store all your essentials on your person while exercising.  Today there’s a Fitness Phone app for just about anything, whether you’re looking for the top 100 playlist for your run or the easiest way to get motivated for your morning workout routine. The problem then becomes: How do you determine which apps are worth the precious storage space on your phone? Sure, there are the reviews from previous users, but those stars only tell part of the story. By far these top Fitness Phone Apps were amongst our favorites and the best part is that they are FREE!


There are dozens of tracking apps out there—and now Apple and Google have thrown their hats into the ring with Apple’s Health Kit and Google Fit. But this is one of those cases when it’s best to stick with the tried and true. MapMyFitness has been tracking activities and logging food since 2007 with an easy-to-use interface and some of the most accurate tracking capabilities out there. The app now lets you set challenges (for yourself or friends) and even tracks your gear, so you know when it’s time to buy a new pair of running shoes or workout belt.


 FitStar Personal Trainer

You no longer have to cough up the big bucks for a personal trainer to get workouts tailored directly for you. FitStar personal trainer assesses your needs and fitness level by asking you a simple set of questions at the end of every workout. That way every workout is challenging but doesn't crush you. And the program's offerings are a good fit for beginner to fitness fanatics—after all, it was created by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez.

 Nike+ Training Club

This is the easiest way to feel in control of your fitness destiny. The app offers more than 100 workouts crafted by Nike master trainers for people of all fitness levels. Select your specific fitness goal (get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused) and find easy-to-follow workout plans—don’t worry there are plenty of rest days. Each individual workout comes with beautiful video tutorials, so even beginners never feel left in the dust.

 Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs isn't easy right! But strengthening your core has never been easier, thanks to Runtastic Six Pack. Choose your own personal avatar trainer, and then select from workout programs that last anywhere from 10 days to almost a month. One of the best features is the slow motion videos of the virtual trainers means you learn each exercise right the first time around and avoid injuries.


Your device's camera isn't only good for selfies—it can now help you get a leg up on achieving your fitness goals. As you follow workout videos from personal trainers, the Fitnet app uses the camera on your smartphone to measure how well you’re keeping up with the workout. Fitnet also provides realtime feedback, so you can always be improving your performance.

WOD Deck of Cards

If you thought the WOD (workout of the day) at your local CrossFit box was difficult, we’ve found a way to make it even gnarlier. Choose the four exercises you want to focus on—one for each suit—and then see what comes up first in the deck. (We always hope it’s not 10burpees!) Keep drawing new cards until you finish the deck or you reach a point of exhaustion.


No gym? No time? No problem! Sworkit is designed with busy people in mind using your bodyweight, that you can make as short as five minutes and as long as an hour. Choose the style of exercise you’re looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and discover dozens of different workouts—or go ahead and use the app to create a custom workout. Every workout set is super easy to follow with high-quality videos and a countdown clock of the number of reps you have left.

StrongLifts 5x5

This is the best gym companion when you hit the weights. The app prompts you to complete three lifting exercises with five sets of five reps—hence the name 5x5. StrongLifts coaches you along to give proper breaks in between each set and suggests when it’s time to add more weight. Follow the workout three times a week and you’ll notice a stronger you in the mirror in just a few weeks.

Pump Up

Not all of your friends want hear about your PRs or your #beastmode workout. That’s where Pump Up comes in. It’s Instagram meets Facebook for the health and fitness set. The social platform is the perfect place to post progress photos and motivate other like-minded people to meet their fitness goals.


Cranking up some bumpin’ beats is just what the doctor ordered to help you work out faster, stronger, and longer. Spring is an app that builds off that simple principle. DJs curate playlists with songs that have a similar range of beats per minute. All you have to do is run to the beat of the music. Your workout will be done before you know it, and you might even discover a new favorite song.


This app delivers on its name and gets people off the couch and whips them into shape for their first 5K. The eight-week training plan starts slow by alternating between walking and running before working up to more intense workouts. C25K fits into even the busiest schedules with just three half-hour workouts every week with rest days in between. An audio coach helps you through each workout and motivates you to keep on running.

Charity Miles

Running, biking, and walking can do way more than just helping you stay healthy and fit. Every mile of exercise can earn money for dozens of different charities. With the help of corporate sponsors, Charity Miles donates 10 cents for every mile biked and 25 cents for every mile walked or ran. As those miles add up, you can make a big difference for an organization that matters to you.


Belonging to a gym is a great way to keep a fitness routine. But sometimes that routine gets, well, routine. An easy way to spice things up is to try out a bunch of different fitness classes. That’s where MINDBODY Connect comes in. Discover classes happening nearby and then book and pay right on the app.


This is the app for people who are obsessed with tracking everything in their lives. And the coolest part is Argus tracks most of those things without making you lift a finger. The app stays on in the background of your smartphone and can tell if you’re changing elevation or speed to track things like stairs and runs. Argus also develops colorful charts based on all of the data it collects, which can show trends you otherwise haven’t noticed.


This app is the perfect motivator to get you moving more. Users start by taking a fitness test to assess their fitness level, and then the app makes a suggested plan based on their favorite forms of exercise. Endomondo uses the GPS on your smartphone to track fitness activities from walking to running (and yes, even cross country skiing). In the middle of a workout, Endo (the app’s virtual trainer) chimes in to tell you if you’re about to set a personal record, or if you should pick up the pace. There’s also a community aspect to the app where you can challenge friends to different activities and cheer them along as you follow their progress.

Strava Cycling and Running

There are plenty of great running apps out there (and this is even one of them), but few apps focus on cyclers. Strava is the perfect app for those bike enthusiasts. It allows you to easily track rides by time, distance, and speed. But the best feature is the Strava’s challenges that connects you with a community of cyclers who compete for things like climbing the highest or snapping the best photos mid-ride.

We would love to hear your reviews on any of these Fitness Phone Apps for next years best of the best list!

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